Over 30 years experience in the Project Management industry. Set up and managed Programme Management Offices for Utilities and Contractor organisations and integrated teams from Client and Contractor organisations operating in a true Alliance environment. Delivered integrated project control, as well.

Portfolio, Programme, Project Management & Project Services

DAnton-progm supports Clients in managing portfolio, programmes or projects (P3M). Our services can be either for complete or specific parts of the life cycle, starting from the strategic phase through to execution, handover and to the operation phase.

... Our services include:

⦿   Portfolio Management

⦿   Programme Management

⦿   Project Management

⦿   Transformation programmes of work

⦿   Project Control Services

Project / Programme Management Office (PMO)

Our experience in setting up and running PMO and Project Control departments, from Support Office to Executive Programme Office levels, covers different types of organisations in the Utilities and Infrastructure sectors for Client, Construction and Consultancy companies.
We have set up and managed EPMO/PMO departments and on all of them we:

⦿ Defined and implemented the Department organisational structure in various different forms as these suited the environment – including Partnering / Alliancing EPMOs.

⦿ Developed all the required processes to support the various Company Directorates – including Governance and Assurance processes.

⦿ Set up and integrated the software tools that support the department as well as other Departments and Directorates.

⦿ Integrated the PMO and / or Project Control Department software tools and processes with the wider Company Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software tools available.


Another DAnton-progm objective is the development of modern technologies in the field of P3M and PMO. For this purpose DAnton-progm collaborates with various organisations. We collaborate with Novacept and provide Clients:

... ⦿ Integrated software solutions. project-z

⦿ Implementing technology for Transformation programmes of work

⦿  Use of Machine Learning (ML) and where applicable Artificial Intelligence (AI) software solutions.

We collaborated with a wider range of UK based organisations (SAP, IBM, HS2, ARUP, and others) to develop and run a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) project for the implementation of Blockchain technology in the delivery of projects.